Raising awareness about pathogenic genetic mutations.

focusing on cdh1 mutations and associated health conditions

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The CDH1 gene makes epithelial cadherein protein.

e-cadherein helps neighboring cells stick together to form tissues that line surfaces and cavities of the human body

health conditions related to cdh1 genetic mutations

In 1998, scientists discovered a molecular basis for hereditary stomach cancer.

breaking new ground on the importance of broken e-cadherin proteins in gastric cancer

original publication on cdh1 mutations and stomach cancer

Gastric cancer associated with cdh1 mutations is a diffuse gastric cancer.

difficult to detect in early stages because the tumor cells do not clump together in masses

support and resources for stomach cancer patients and families

Prophylactic total gastrectomy became the recommended procedure of choice.

qualifying cdh1 mutation carriers can avoid diffuse stomach cancer by removing all stomach tissue

publication recommending total stomach removal for mutation carriers

Some patients opt for intensive surveillance instead of stomach surgery.

deciding between total gastrectomy or surveillance is a personal choice that patients should research before making

cdh1 community is very supportive and full of info

I had my stomach removed.

in June 2018, doctors at University of Chicago Medicine removed my stomach

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