CDH1 Research: Videos, Papers, and Other Sources

CDH1 research is a relatively new area in certain respects. In 1999, a medical researcher in New Zealand named Dr. Parry Guilford and his colleagues discovered the connection between CDH1 mutations and cancers of the stomach and breasts. Despite it being a relatively recent discovery, searching for information about CDH1 research returns a lot of information.

Using publicly available information, I am researching the landscape of research on issues relating to CDH1 mutation carriers. Typically, when doing this kind of work in the past, I have used Google Scholar and the United States Patent Office patent and patent application databases. Those are great resources for learning more about research in many areas of medical research.

Using those tools to do some preliminary searching about CDH1 issues, it seems that researchers are searching for ways to improve methods for detecting early signs of diffuse stomach cancer and lobular breast cancer. Also, they are exploring drug development and other treatment options for CDH1 mutation carriers.

Moreover, to provide a present-day option for avoiding stomach and breast cancers, researchers have developed successful methods for removing a CDH1 mutation carrier’s stomach and breasts before disease develops. They continue to monitor outcomes and are fine tuning their surgical procedures.

Below, you will find a collection of videos and links on topics related to CDH1 mutation medical research. For instance, you will find information about research concerning surveillance of diffuse gastric cancer, outcomes for total gastrectomy patients, drug development, and more.

Watch this video to learn more from Dr. Guilford about cancer research.

Despite the connection between CDH1 mutations and cancer is relatively new, lots of published papers and other information address CDH1. For instance, searching Google Scholar for CDH1 articles returns over 4,000 articles. Plus, searching for total gastrectomy returns over 7,500 articles.

Moreover, patents and applications having CDH1-related terms in their claims exist in significant numbers. For instance, searching the United States Patent Office Database for issued patents with the following terms in the claims returns the following results (as of July 2019):

Moreover, searching the United States Patent Office database for pending patent applications related to CDH1 mutation carriers returns even more information about CDH1 research. For instance, a search for patent applications containing cdh1 in the claims returns over 250 results!

It would be impossible to read all this information! But, it is reassuring knowing that researchers are focusing on this gene.

Below, I am assembling a selection of the articles and videos that I believe are worth highlighting. I am trying to sort through enough of the CDH1 publications to make sense of the landscape and current situation surrounding CDH1 research. As I research the research, I intend to occasionally update this list. So, be sure to visit this page again soon.

Dr. Parry Guilford’s U.S. Patents and Applications

List of clinical trials led by Jeremy Davis at the National Institutes of Health

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