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Can a person live without a stomach? Yes, we live normal lives.

Can a person live without a stomach? Not only can people live without a stomach, many people after total gastrectomy surgery are thriving without a stomach.

Despite the success many people have living without a stomach, asking whether someone can live without a stomach is a very common question. Frankly, it’s a great question. Most people probably assume the stomach is a vital organ. Plus, many people have a very strong emotional connection to food and, therefore, wonder what it would be like to live without the organ they most closely associate with food and eating.

Find recipes for people without a stomach

Honestly, I never even thought to ask myself the question until after I heard of people living without a stomach. Living without a stomach, however, sounds like the bare minimum to me. I have been thrilled to see many examples of stomachless individuals not only living, but living life to the fullest.

The CDH1 community is very informed and members are willing to help one another. Join the Facebook group for CDH1 mutation carriers. Members ask and answer questions about all things related to CDH1. Plus, you can browse or search the conversation history to read about issues already discussed. It is a really helpful resource.

If you are looking for recipes for people without a stomach, visit a web application I wrote. Not only can you find recipes, you can build your own, manage a grocery list, find ingredients online, and connect with others. Plus, the application calculates food labels for your recipes and insights for your recipe and grocery lists.


You can also search YouTube for CDH1 or total gastrectomy. You will find videos about the science and also patients telling their stories. Similarly, on Instagram, search by #cdh1 , #nostomach, #totalgastrectomy, and similar terms. You will find CDH1 mutation carriers posting about their lives.

Finally, to help inspire you, I have assorted a small collection of articles and videos about CDH1 mutation carriers thriving after total gastrectomy. Check out below. They are doing really, really well and inspiring others in the process!

Inspiring examples below of people living without a stomach!

Aaron Rosenberg

CBS News: “Genetic tests for certain cancers leave potential patients with tough decisions” (September 2018)

Laura Willis

MyJournalCourier: “Woman lives life without a stomach” (February 2018)

David Fogel

The Washington Post: “One man’s choice: Life without a stomach, or dying from stomach cancer?” (December 2017)

Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center News, “Life without a stomach: a patient’s perspective on preventative surgery, advancing stomach cancer research” (Winter 2018)


Dylan Davison

ABC4 News: “Lowcountry man has stomach removed due to cancer-causing disease now competing in Ironman” (April 2019)

RunnersWorld: “16 Months After Stomach Removal, South Carolina Man Will Take on Ironman Again” (April 2019)

Fox News, “South Carolina dad competing in Ironman a year after having stomach removed” (April 2019)

Memorial Sloan Kettering: “I Had My Stomach Removed and Then Did an Ironman: Dylan’s Story”

Jemma Caprioli

Stuff: “Life without a stomach: Jemma’s unfathomable decision made in the nick of time” (January 2018)


Chesney Monroe Berzins

CBS DFW: “Mrs. Texas Chesney Monroe Berzins Shares Journey Since Stomach Removal” (March 2019)

Chron: “Woman survives rare stomach cancer, crowned Mrs. Texas” (February 2019)

Stan Walker

Who: “EXCLUSIVE: Stan Walker opens up about his cancer battle” (May 2018)

Can a person live without a stomach? Click here to learn more about life after total gastrectomy.


Jim Yao

Looking for ways to stay hydrated? Read this article.



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