Seahorse Honey

I tested positive for the CDH1 gene mutation in 2018 (in my mid-thirties) following the positive diagnosis of a family member. I decided that I wanted the best medical team possible but that meant having to wait until the new year so I could change my medical insurance from an HMO to a PPO and go to a local stomach cancer center of excellence. In the meantime, I found out about the National Institutes of Health (NIH) CDH1 protocol through the CDH1 mutation gene. Facebook page and never looked back. Had my total gastrectomy in early 2019 at the NIH and have been living my new normal ever sense. My new favorite phrase to explain my stomachless life is ‘it’s complicated’. Even with the most caring of friends or family, it’s hard to explain certain body reactions to things or how I can forget to eat. My anonymous journey can be following on Instagram @seahorse_honey.
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